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Because it’s been a while

(Exactly) Two years ago I started my personal blog namedMy journey to Jesus„.

It got this name, because my view over my life is that I’m in a journey. And it affects everything. I know my goal. Yep, it’s not to get married. Not to be rich. Not to be famous. Those are not my goals for a life time. Those are just some things that you can be blessed with (of course, for the bigger goal), or not.

🙂 It’s a subjective view over life including little glimpses over some vacations, plans, letters and so on. It’s not meant to be but what it is.

It can never be wrong 🙂, since it claims that will show the perspective of its owner.
The perspective, by the way, can be wrong sometimes, and I love to grow in the understanding of life, God, love, family, conflict, and so on. I love to grow in learning how to … live.

C.S.Lewis (Mere Christianity) said that you never know when you grow. 🙂 It just happens, but when you look back, you realize the change and why/ what happened that made you grow.

Same here. I don’t see any change or growth in me. But I come back, and so happily realize the change that came after that and that situation, tension and so on.

You see.. I do have a real paper notebook where it’s actually the real life between me and God. The fight. The misunderstanding. The depression. The astonishment.

It can never lie. Since I have nothing to show to no one, nor to demonstrate anything, than everything I write it’s absolutely the same. So, here it comes only the surface of some of the questions, joy and that wonder that I love to share with you. ♥

I enjoyed your presence near me along the way. You know, I really am amazed that some articles are read. (!!) I know I’m not a good writer. I know my life’s boring so much of the time..! BUT, I’m not ashamed of it, because along  with me… always there, is God. In fact, He is the „magical ingredient” in me that gives it all a kind of  light, taste and sense!!

This is meant to be an article about thanking you and God for two years around. 🙂 I will think later about a nice ending. 🙂 Now, I need to go. To real life. 🙂

Have a fantastic day, have a meaningful life, and do it

all for the glory of God!




My journey to Jesus.

The journey of a woman on Earth…


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